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More4Less Car Rental - Rental Conditions

If you accept the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the cost is US$ 10.00 with a deductible US$ 500.00 for small cars, US$ 15.00 for Luxury cars and SUV's with a deductible US$ 750.00 and US$ 20.00 for Jeep Wrangler with a deductible US$ 1000.00. If you do not accept the CDW, you will be responsible for the total amount of any loss to the vehicle, regardless who is to blame. A deposit for your own risk will be requested by us prior to the delivery of the vehicle and will be reimbursed to you in its entirety if the vehicle is returned without damage and in the same condition it was delivered to you by us. If you decline the insurance (CDW) you agree that we will charge the cost of damage on your credit card and that we will not be required to negotiate with insurance or credit card companies.

If the vehicle is returned to us in a very dirty condition and needs additional cleaning inside and/or outside you will be charged extra for this cleaning, the amount depending on the work that must be done.

All vehicles are equipped with a spare tire and necessary tools. Punctured (flat) tires must be changed by you and the cost for tire repair will be at your expense. If we are called to change the tire we will charge US$15.00 per tire.

Only the lessee of the vehicle as indicated in the rental agreement is authorized to drive the vehicle as well as persons indicated in the agreement as "additional driver". In the event of an accident and the driver is not indicated in the agreement as lessee and/or as "additional driver" and consequently is not authorized to drive the vehicle, the insurance becomes void (lapses) and the lessee is completely responsible for all direct and indirect loses.

The vehicle is delivered with a certain reading on the fuel gauge. The vehicle must be returned with the same fuel reading. If this reading is less, the consumption of gasoline will be charged. These costs will be higher than the usual rate at the gasoline pump.

In the event of joy riding, theft, accident or damage, you are obligated to call the police immediately on the telephone. Police telephone numbers are: 582-4000, 585-4710 or 584-5000. If no police report has been drawn up your insurance automatically becomes void (lapses) and you are personally responsible for the total amount of loss. You must also immediately inform More4Less Jeep & Car Rental of the accident, theft or damages caused. A damage report must be drawn up and signed.

In case of loss of keys the charge depends on the model of the vehicle. Loss of jack: US$55.00; Loss of tool: US$50.00; Loss or damage to front half door windows cost will depend on the model of the vehicle, loss or damage to back side and rear windows cost will depend on the model of the vehicle, loss or damage to top cost will depend on the model of the vehicle.

Insurance rights become void (lapses) in the following cases:
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
Not observing the tragic rules, (such as: running a traffic light, driving too fast, driving in water, while water goes into the engine, etc.)
Off road driving (driving on roads or paths that are not indicated on the road map)
Unauthorized driving (the lessee is responsible for all costs)
In case of accident, damage when you don.t have a police report

The Aruba Law will be used for any problem or discussion that you might have with the company.

By the signing of these conditions the undersigned agrees to pay all costs arising from non-compliance with these conditions.

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